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Monday, 2 February 2015

January making...

(My desk*)

With a busy run up to Christmas crocheting into the wee small hours, my poor fingers needed a rest! So I switched my attention to my sewing machine... 
There's a lot I still don't know about sewing as I haven't done a lot of it in the past, but with so many projects I'm keen to have a go at, I'm happy to learn along the way even if that means a rather lot of mistakes! 

The girls got new bunk beds at Christmas, so I attempted to make my first quilted blanket. I had a whole batch of lovely bits of fabric I wanted to use up anyway, including some gorgeous liberty cotton. The colours all flowed very nicely and I bought this gorgeous blue cashmere/wool fabric to back it with. 

So with a bit of determination and some youtube tutorials later... the result was this simple patchwork quilt for my daughter.

(don't look too closely)

In other making news...

I was attempting another cushion over the weekend, until my sewing machine gave up on me!

I got my crochet mojo back on mid-Jan and started to think about a spring range I may attempt for the up and coming fairs. I quite like the idea of this crocheted vase. What do you think?

I knitted this cowl for a friend but will be listing it in my shop very soon in 4 different colours! :)

Expect to hear of a shop update in the next week or so... but that's all from me for now. 
Have a good week. xx

*that folding table was picked up at a car boot for a fiver! *high five*

Monday, 19 January 2015

London trip

It had been on the cards for a while to have a few days away with my sister and we finally got round to it last weekend. London was an obvious first choice for us as we had 5 very important stops in mind...

Firstly, Liberty of London....

(Amazing paper flowers display.)

In the off-chance you've never seen it, the department store is the most incredible old tudor building, squashed right in the midst of the madness that is Oxford Circus. 

After Liberty we headed into Soho where my sister had booked us a table at the uh-ma-zing Ottolenghi restaurant 'Nopi' for my birthday. No pictures sorry... too busy drinking wine & eating delicious Mediterranean food! 

On to Spitalfields Market...

This had been on my list of places to go for a while now and it did not disappoint... highly recommend it on Saturday when the market is on. A great alternative to the boring, predicatable high street shops and for people watching too. Sorry, but again I was just too busy shopping to take any more pictures!

(Eggs Benedict for brekkie... that kept us going for a while!)

Exmouth Market.... 

A cute little road with a handful of lovely independent shops selling beautiful nic-nacs... it's not too far from Spitalfields market either. Great for cafes & foodie places.

The V&A Museum.... 

Always love going here as there is so much to see and the building is a marvel in itself.

We went to the exquisite Wedding Dress exhibition that is being featured there at the moment. We spent a good couple of hours in there just taking it all in and trying to decide which was our favourite (umm.. we had about 5 each!)

Throughout the weekend we must have walked bloomin' miles! But fortunately there seemed to be a cafe or bakery on most corners to keep us fuelled...

For my own reference I thought I'd list some important points about visiting the big smoke, which - for the most part - we actually did stick to...
1) Have a plan of where you want to go and what you want to do... and stick to it.
2) Pre-plan how you will get to those places.
3) Be prepared to spend quite a lot of money on travelling and eating out.
4) Avoid big high streets during the sales.
5) There is so much good food to sample, plan to go to at least one really good restaurant and spend a bit more money on eating amazing food.
6) Although it's nice to look good when tarting round London child-free... a functional bag and a warm scarf is what you need! ;)

The end.

Monday, 12 January 2015

xmas 2014

This christmassy post was a little delayed getting out there... here it is finally!

So I didn't pick up my camera much over the holidays... if you follow me over on instagram you'll see much of what I captured was through my phone. But just before the decor came down I quickly photographed a few of my favourite little corners. They are on their last legs, but nice to have them catalogued anyhow!

This years advent calendar hung on a branch painted white. 

This looked far better in the dark with all the candles lit.

Indoor christmas wreath made up of dried flowers, dried oranges, mistletoe, ivy & twigs.

Since these pictures were taken I've had a big clean through and another rearrange - which always makes me feel better. And despite a slow start to the new year (nursing my 2 poorly girls!) I think I'm finally ready for 2015.