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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

*Winter fair*

Really, really excited to be a part of this year's 'Bearwood Handmade Winter Fair'.

My stall will be at the one on the 8th of December... in room 2!

I'll be selling my photography work, i.e. calendars, cards, prints. Plus a few knitted creations I've been working on these last couple of months... I'll post about them all soon.
Just wanted to let you know, so be sure to put it in the diary!

More info on the craftymuthas blog!

Friday, 26 October 2012


This week flew by. Here are images from a stroll we took through the park last weekend... can't believe that was almost a week ago.

I know it happens every year but I can't get over how beautiful the colours of the leaves are out there. And the camera loves it too.

What a gorgeous backdrop to photograph my girls in. I even got a slightly windswept one of me... thanks D!

We're going to see my new little nephew this weekend, excited to capture some photos of him! After a rather serious & traumatic birth for my sister.... it's nice to finally enjoy his arrival into the world. 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Caught my eye...

This fantastic poster and Tolkien quote:
by Papersparrow on etsy.

Cosy autumn/winter clothes.... It's without a doubt my favourite season for fashion.

The anticipation of moving into our own house and creating pretty corners like this:

Andy Goldsworthy's autumnal photography...

I'm thinking to make 'Caught my eye' a regular feature on my blog... Just thought it would be nice to feature more than just my photography work. 

I did it a little on my old blog, but I'm not sure for this one....

What do you think?

Sunday, 14 October 2012


What a beautiful season it is, I try to make the most of it - as there is so much to enjoy about it.

I recently asked friends on facebook what they like best about this season... this was some of the feedback I got... 

colour. leaves. walks. hot chocolate. soup. apple crumble. fires. snuggling. pumpkins. winter warmth. woolly clothes. fireworks. roast dinner. chestnuts. conkers. warm pub. dark evenings. dew on spiderwebs. thick socks. fruit in brandy. cinnamon porridge. candles.

Sound good? I think so... hope you manage to make the most of it too!

P.s Can you believe this autumn post was almost a year ago?

Friday, 12 October 2012

Postcard from Germany.

We had the pleasure of visiting our good friends who live in Stuttgart, Germany last weekend. It was the first trip on our own since having kids... and it was a perfect little 3 day break. We enjoyed it so much (we'll be sure to do it again!) and loved getting a taste of Germany. It really is a beautiful country.

We ate (a lot!), explored and talk talk talked. Here's some holiday snaps...

Phew... quite a few photos I know. Thanks for looking!
Lastly, if you follow me on instagram (carolyn_carter) , you will have seen these already...

(Yes, we spent an evening at the famous 'volksfest'... it was quite an eye opener!)

So there you go. A really special weekend away and some really good memories made. :)