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Tuesday, 18 December 2012


As a little Christmas gesture for the lovely support and kind comments I've been receiving on my blog lately, I thought I would do a giveaway. 

So for a chance to win one of my 2013 calendars & a pack of postcards... please leave a comment on this post or on my facebook page.

I'll announce the winner at the end of the week. :)

We had a lovely weekend doing some Christmassy things with the girls. We saw a fun, local production of the Elves & the Shoemaker on Saturday & then threw a little party at our new place on Sunday afternoon.

We made a batch of this delicious mulled wine from Jamie Oliver's website - possibly the best I've tasted. So may yummy spices & flavours in 1 cup, so highly recommended by me if you're thinking to make some...

Anyway, I hope you are all having a wonderful lead up to Christmas and you're not getting too caught up with the manic spending side of it all. 



  1. Hi!I discover today your sweet blog!Your photos are lovely. Love, Federica ♥

  2. ooh, always love a good recommendation. mulled wine especially!

  3. shamelessly commenting for the give away. heehee, no I always read your blog as it is such a yummy mix of creativity and normality :) Merry Christmas Carters!

    1. There's NO shame! I'm so glad you did. merry christmas to you too :) x

  4. Hello Carolyn! I just came across your sweet little blog today. Your photography is beautiful! :)

  5. Lovely and inspiring blog that's why I love to read it :-)
    Entering for a chance to have another calendar to give to one of my friends or family :-) and the postcards to keep or post to someone special :-) x Merry Christmas x

  6. How gorgeous and totally lovely - I couldn't think of anything nicer to receive in the post.

    Nina x

  7. Hello - I have just found your blog via Caroline's scraps of us. It is so beautiful, will be adding you to my reader x

  8. What a wonderful giveaway prize. The elves and the shoemaker sounds like a nice thing to go and see. xx


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