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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Christmas... & onward into 2013

The girls had a pretty magical time over Christmas...

... at the cathedral on Christmas eve singing 'away in a manger' was a highlight for me. And watching Jemimah trying her bestest to sing along without knowing a single word... sweet gal! ;)

Now we are well into 2013. Decorations have been put away leaving the house feeling a little sparse... but it feels good to clear away some of the clutter Christmas brings and create some space for the new year. There's something good about a clean slate to springboard from... don't you think?

SALE happening in my shop....

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  1. what a beautiful picture, look at the wonder in her face! Oh I cant wait until Wilf is old enough to sing at the Christmas carols, I'm sure there will be tears! x


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