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Wednesday, 23 January 2013


1. snow covered blossom
2. ... and branches.
3. the girls little picnic table gives an idea of how deep it got.
4. hand knitted slippers from Istanbul.. keeping little toes warm!
5. home details.
6. Jemimah's slippers.... got me thinking I'd quite like to try and knit a pair myself
7. seeing stars ... (fancy new tablecloth)
8. my gorgeous baby growing up fast.
9. she was in such a lovely little mood today. love her

Jemimah has had a tummy bug so not up for having pics taken of her. :(

So in case you're not local, most of the UK has had a fair bit of snowfall. A good 6-8 inches has probably fallen where we are. We have been out in it a bit, but tiny fingers & toes just can't cope in it for too long. So we've been quite happy to snuggle by the fire, me with my crochet, girls playing, reading and watching some good ole' telly. :)

Stay warm!


  1. you can knit me a pair too...they look lovely and remind me of a pair made out of old jumpers that I bought of man in Cairo (as you do)

  2. Loving those slippers! Lovely blog btw and lots of inspiring images, thanks for sharing them with us! x


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