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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Little spaces for little people.

These are my gorgeous, funny girls.
(Jemimah, 4 & Anouk, 21 months)

And here is a glimpse into their space...

2 months in our new home and their's are my favourite rooms in the house.
(Oh and in case you were wondering, it doesn't always look this tidy!)



( my old cot!)


  1. It looks gorgeous Carolyn (as do your two beautiful little ones) and I simply love the deep plum colour.

    Nina x

  2. Beautiful colours! I love how vibrant the rooms are, simply stunning.
    Bella xx

  3. Your girls are so sweet! You've done such a great job on their rooms, they look so pretty. I love that little cooking area and the lovely bright colours you have used. xx

  4. Your girls are gorgeous, as is their lovely little space. That kitchen in particular looks a lot more fun than the real thing ;)

  5. Your girls are so lovely and I'm so loving the room. Your blog banner is so pretty as well!


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