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Sunday, 17 March 2013

and then she was 2...

the day started with her favourite breakfast....
followed by a tea party with a handful of her favourite little people. :)

(i scored the little vintage dress and cardi from... yep, a charity shop!)


She did very well for pressies and lots of love & cuddles. 
We love you Anouk, you are funny & sweet and a little light in our lives. xxxxxxx

p.s. A year ago !!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday beautiful Anouk - your mummy is so proud.

    Huge hugs,

    Nina x

  2. Anouk's outfit is gorgeous! Lovely colours all round too. I'm sure it was a lovely celebration and she was set up well for it with her brekkie! It's a fav of mine too...great with marmite soldiers (no need to add salt to the egg this way) if you're wee ones are lovers not haters :)

    1. They are lovers! :) good tip... i will remember for next time. thanks xxx

  3. what beautiful photos! :) She is absolutely adorable, I wish I had an adult version of her outfit, haha. I love those flowers in your vase as well, wish we had flowers like those where I live, beautiful!


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