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Sunday, 28 April 2013


The following blog post was originally going to be 3 posts... but i just don't seem to find the time & space these days to carefully put blog posts together, so a job lot in one go will have to do for now.
I will however, try and do a separate post on our trip to Sheffield last weekend, as we had a great time and i got fairly snap happy with the camera. 

In the mean time here's a few snapshots of life lately... (mostly taken on my new 50mm lens! :)

 My crafty 'corners' are slowly taking over the house. I made the garland for the girls from the felted wool I picked up from the antiques fair ... i might make some for my online shop.

Speaking of my shop... I've added these kids wrist warmers to it and will hopefully be adding some adult versions and cowls too in the next few days, here's a little peak...

That black wool is deliciously soft & lovely... i'd kinda like to keep it.

In other news...
despite living in a bustling city there are some great forests and woodland areas not far from where we live. Here are my little pixie fairies playing in the hollow tree.

 I have a project I am working on for Jemimah's birthday in May which I hope to share with you once it's finished. And just in the last couple of weeks various photography projects and work opportunities have come my way which is brill...  i also have the craft fair in June to get ready for, as well as a 2 week holiday in the sun and a camping trip squeezed in! 
So it's going to be a busy couple of months for us, but plenty to look forward to. :)

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Antiques Fair.

I was lucky enough to spend my Monday morning at the antique collectors fair in Stoneleigh. Wandering amongst other peoples old junk and having a good rummage is kind of a perfect day in my book. My girlies tagged along for the ride (they had cake for lunch, so they didn't complain... too much), so it was basically us and a bunch of over-60's.

If I'm honest I thought it was all a bit pricey for my liking and so I'll probably stick to charity shops & car boots for those bargain buys in future. But all the same, it was good fun and I did manage to pick up a couple of wee treasures for yours truly.
Top purchase of the day.. my perfect little sewing box. I love it. well as a little stash of natural soft rope (which I plan to try and crochet something with), a couple of pretty doilies & a wad of felted wool.

Now that the weather's warming up I'm hoping to get out to a few more Sunday car boots .... 
(David *groans*!)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Easter & stuff.

We started our easter weekend with a little trip to the town of Alcester, just down the road from us.
(I have a bit of a thing for pretty lacy curtains in the window.)

Followed by a day at a good old National Trust property...
(Uh-mazing tree! don't it make you just want to climb up into it? )

where the girls ran and chased each other in the gardens...

shoes and socks came off....

and WAR was declared!

Easter Sunday morning.


Phew... ! Are you still with me? Quite a few pictures there. Sorry about that! I did get rather snap happy that weekend.

I was looking back over my old blog a few days ago and it was so nice to remember the things I had been up to and where life has led us. It made me think about why I blog and what I blog about. I know i don't write an awful lot on here... sometimes i just don't have the words and i also like to think the images speak for themselves. But it would be nice to share a little more so that i have something in future to look back at... to see what i was doing/thinking at various stages in my life.

Hope you don't mind!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Herbs. {Nature in the home}

This is my second post as a part of the nature in the home series on little green shed's blog.

Three potted herbs for my kitchen window....basil, rosemary & thyme. Looking forward to using them in my cooking... the smell coming from each of them is incredible.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Just popping in to say 'hello'. We are enjoying a little Easter break by the coast... unfortunately (like most of you in the UK) the weather is not great for this time of year (we're talking freezing wind & even some light snow yesterday! brr). 
So our brisk outings in the cold with the girls are short but sweet...

I have loads of photos to share next week that have been patiently waiting in my edit folder.

In the mean time...I've entered a 'string styling' competition over on Papermash, I thought I'd share my 2 entries on here:

'Chai time' & 'Bird on a wire'

Do you have a favourite out of the two?