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Monday, 20 May 2013

a postcard from Sheffield.

A few weeks back now we visited Sheffield. I'd never been before, but I really loved it. It's a very beautiful city with a great feel, right on the edge of the stunning peak district.

We didn't get a chance to venture into the city centre (we'll save that for next time), but here's what we squeezed into our little 2 day visit.

A trip to an animal farm... 

A farmers market... 

(I got to speak greek with the man at the Greek deli on the corner of the market!)

& visited a dairy farm that made its own delicious ice cream... (cherry cheesecake flavour was my fave!)

Thanks so much for having us 'Eden family'. xxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

a bit of birthday DIY-ing

The 2 weeks leading up to Jemimah's 5th birthday was a busy one. I had set myself a couple of crafty tasks to complete.

Artemis over at her 'junkaholique' blog had put us all to shame by making her little girl an amazing fabric wendy house. I was inspired... How hard could it be? So I set to work...

I managed to find a company online that I could order the ready-made frame from, so that was straight forward enough. Then I bought the canvas fabric and measured out and sewed together the panels for the main frame. I had some bits of liberty fabric left over for a door and bought some ribbon for the ties. The bunting was made by my sister...
All in all, it took about 4-5 evenings to complete and if you don't look too closely it'll do for an amateur like me.
I'll probably be touching it up in weeks to come. It could do with me reinforcing the edges and bottom of the door, just to make it a bit stronger. But aside from that, I'm pleased with the end result and so it seems, are the girls. :)

The fabric for this little dress was from an old dress of mine that was too pretty to throw out...
(photo off my phone!)

And this was just a little bit of simple embroidery I did to hang on her wall...

Birthday aside, I picked up this little pine shelf in a charity shop for £4. It was a "lovely" shiny brown pine colour, so with a lick of paint (grey pearl)... it was quickly transformed and now looks rather lovely on my wall.

Needless to say... this week I haven't touched a sewing machine, knitting needle, crochet hook or paint brush... and barely picked up my camera. 
I think I needed some time out. But now my brain buzzing and the next project is looming ... i feel it. :)