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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Bits & pieces

I have so many photos from the last couple of weeks I want to share on here... it's gonna take me a while to edit, sort and finally post them. Here are a selection taken from my phone from various points over the last month or so and edited with the fabulous vsco app.
If you follow me on instagram... you may have seen some of these already (apologies!).

Beautiful peonies on sale at the local florist.


Snapped up a few bargains at a recent car boot sale ... spent no less than £3.20! So worth a mooch round car boots, it's amazing what you can snap up for 20p. That's a carpenters plain in the first photo... now a door stop in my dining room.

Homemade elderflower.... easier to make than you might imagine and dee-licious!

 Elderflower, gin, sparkling water combo.... best served with a slice of lemon & sprig of mint.
 Summer at 'The Botanical Gardens'... (above & below!)


- My little fingers have been keeping busy with various crochet & knitting projects, I have a growing pile of wristwarmers and cowls (including some kids ones) for the autumn fairs and if I find time I'll also add some to my shop.

I followed this very simple pattern and made the girls matching skirts... :) We finally got ourselves along to the rag market in town and were a little overwhelmed with the amazing choice of fabrics they have there. Jemimah chose this lovely soft red rose pattern.

Now over to the pro... my mother-in-law made these gorgeous summer dresses for the girls. So pretty for summer. If only she'd make one in my size!

There you go for now, more to follow soon... Hope you're all having a lovely summer. x

Monday, 1 July 2013

Thrifty sewing.

After completing the girls wendy house back in May... I kind of got the sewing bug ('the great british sewing bee' had something to do with it too!). I don't even own a sewing machine (thanks to my dear friend Lisa, who's kindly lent me hers... and now its return is long overdue!).

I was keen to get myself a summery tote bag, I had all this fabric left over from the wendy house, so instead I decided to hold onto my pennies and make one.... 

 I kept it simple as i really like the canvas material on its own, adding just the stripy ribbon tie

...and a little pocket inside.
 As you can see, it's really quite a simple design and if you have a sewing machine, not at all hard to whip up.
Me, tres pleased with my new bag. :)
I may even make a few more for the next fair.

 this Sunday we were invited to not one, not two ...but THREE birthday parties! All of which were for kids of good friends so didn't want to miss any! Fortunately they were back to back so we went on a bit of a 'birthday party crawl'. 
Presents for 4 children (one of the parties was for twin sisters!) don't come cheap, so my thrifty mind got thinking and out came the sewing machine. I had the fabric already sitting collecting dust in my sewing box, so I managed to knock up 3 book bags and some bunting as little gifts. Jemimah made cards & a little necklace for one of the girls too (she's getting the idea). 

I hope they liked them... because I enjoyed making them. :)

In other news... 

These 4 prints are available in my online shop, please take a look, they are £10 each (+p&p).

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine we are finally getting. In typical British style I've become a teeny bit obsessed with the weather. After moving back from Greece last year can you blame me?... the sun shines 250 days of the year over there apparently! :)

Have a good week!

(Would love to hear from you, so please do leave a comment if you have a moment! xx)