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Monday, 23 September 2013

2014 calendar preview...

So after much blood, sweat and tears I'm excited to finally share the final images for my 
2014 calendar....
In order of each month:

Hopefully the calendar will soon be at at the printers and available to buy online mid-October, I'll keep you posted. It will be in a similar style to last years.

Some more good news... a local shop is now stocking my greeting cards and have agreed to take my calendars too which is fab and really helps get my work out there and noticed.

And finally, a shop update has happened.... you can now buy my greeting cards online in packs of 3 for just £5. Go see... there are 3 styles to choose from.

Hope it's been a good start to the week for you.
Love & Peace xx

Monday, 16 September 2013

Escape to the country

 Generally speaking I like to escape city life at the weekend and find some peace and space from the crowds. 


We headed out of town a couple of weekends back to explore some more of the countryside in these parts. It was a beautiful day, we got lost, we had fun, we picked blackberries and then a downpour soaked us and we were finally rescued by a kind lady driving by.
 We've lived in this part of England for just over a year and a half and there's still so much to discover, the area around the midlands still feels very new to us. This may have been the last of the warmer September days we were lucky enough to have... now we are we well into autumn and the green in these images will soon become orangey, yellowy.
Autumn is here. My favourite season. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

Keep cosy....

 I've just added kids wristwarmers to my shop. Handmade, hand crocheted by yours truly.

Personally I think they're cute and comfy and I love this fun new wool I've found for the kids range, with these lovely colours. Great for keeping hands warm... and because your useful little fingers stick out the top you can continue to wear them indoors too and still type & text (and pick your nose if you so wish!)

crochet handmade

My girls love theirs. :)

They're made to order... currently with a choice of 3 colours and 3 sizes. Although I'd be more than happy to make custom pair with the colour of your choice. So don't be shy. (Anouk is wearing a smokey grey pair.)

I love wearing my mustard ones too...

Go have a look here:

Sunday, 1 September 2013

{Our lovely stall.}

I used to love to play shops with my sisters when we were young... and my favourite thing was to be the 'shop lady'... so here I am, with my dear friend Katie fulfilling a little childhood dream in a way. :)

{Honest scrubs and face cream (far left).}

 {My greeting cards.}

{Handmade soap.}

Fortunately our things seem to compliment one another quite well, so sharing a table works and we have fun along the way. 

It was a lovely morning setting up and meeting some of the other crafters. We were in the village square right on the high street on a busy Saturday in Kings Heath, but it did surprise me, that despite the crowds - how few people wandered over to have a mooch round the stalls. It's so great when people are willing to support local artists, crafters and businesses. Unlike the mountains of tat and cheap imitations found on the high street, what we sell is good quality, unique & lovingly handmade products. So make sure you look up any markets or fairs that are happening near you and spend your money there instead. (Or look them up on etsy or folksy websites!)

Thank you to those who did come and say hi and purchased too! We appreciate your support.

This particular market is fairly new, so may take a bit of time to get going and for the word to spread... but it's a good start and I'm happy to be apart of it. We're hoping to attend some more especially in the run up to Christmas... so watch this space. 

p.s. We both sell online too...