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Monday, 16 September 2013

Escape to the country

 Generally speaking I like to escape city life at the weekend and find some peace and space from the crowds. 


We headed out of town a couple of weekends back to explore some more of the countryside in these parts. It was a beautiful day, we got lost, we had fun, we picked blackberries and then a downpour soaked us and we were finally rescued by a kind lady driving by.
 We've lived in this part of England for just over a year and a half and there's still so much to discover, the area around the midlands still feels very new to us. This may have been the last of the warmer September days we were lucky enough to have... now we are we well into autumn and the green in these images will soon become orangey, yellowy.
Autumn is here. My favourite season. 


  1. It is, it is...most definitely here :)

    Nina x

  2. Just doing a bit of idle pinteresting and came upon your lovely lovely blog. So very weird but I think I know your husband (if it is him) in the photo above. Such a small world, he was very lovely when I knew him at school and youth group and am sure he is just as lovely now. If it is him do say hello and that 8 hope he (and you) are as happy as you look in all your gorgeous photos. There is a photo of me on my blog but I think I last saw him over two decades I feel so old! Xxxx


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