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Monday, 9 September 2013

Keep cosy....

 I've just added kids wristwarmers to my shop. Handmade, hand crocheted by yours truly.

Personally I think they're cute and comfy and I love this fun new wool I've found for the kids range, with these lovely colours. Great for keeping hands warm... and because your useful little fingers stick out the top you can continue to wear them indoors too and still type & text (and pick your nose if you so wish!)

crochet handmade

My girls love theirs. :)

They're made to order... currently with a choice of 3 colours and 3 sizes. Although I'd be more than happy to make custom pair with the colour of your choice. So don't be shy. (Anouk is wearing a smokey grey pair.)

I love wearing my mustard ones too...

Go have a look here:


  1. and I love wearing my 'bottle blue' ones too!

  2. So cute girl !! Nice wearing, beautiful design . I like it ..

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  3. These are so lovely, your girls look very sweet in them! xx


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