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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

New stuff!

I hope you have had a very Happy Easter holiday... ours was spent on the south coast with my sister & her family, lovely days out and about and eating far too much chocolate.

Anyway I'm excited to finally add a couple of new things to my shop and wanted to let you guys know.

So, first up... 'Peter Pan' style collars:

They're available in grey, navy & black and look really cute worn with a simple t-shirt or jazzing up a day dress.

(tied either at the front OR back...)

Next up... this beautiful chunky knit 'moss' cowl.

It fits nice and snug and is super duper soft... i love it and eventually wanna make myself one. :)

And finally (as so many of my friends seem to be expecting or about to pop!) cute little baby hats to keep the little nippers ears warm....

For more colours and details, have a look at my online shop here.

Let me know what you think! x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The 52 Loaves Project.

It's been a little quiet over here on my blog, so thought I'd do a little post. I've got so much to share with you, but as ever very little time on my hands to compile it together into a post.

I've been joining in on instagram with the ♯52loavesproject that was started up over on littlegreenshed's blog at the beginning of the year... you can read more about it here.

David got this book on bread baking for Christmas after getting the bug for it making Challah every Friday night for Shabat... and so we've been doing our best to perfect each loaf according to its instructions. 

Then last Monday I was lucky enough to get invited along to join other ♯52loavesproject contributors at Hobbs House Bakery in Chipping Sodbury. It was a brilliant day learning & appreciating the art (and taste!) of baking delicious bread. Tom Herbert was our fantastic teacher sharing his tips and love of the craft... it was very inspiring and we all learnt lots. 

(These were the sour dough buns that we baked and then got to take home and devour at the end of the day!)

Thank you so much to Hobbs House Bakery & Tom for such a brilliant day.

And for the organisers and fellow ♯52loavesproject contributors.... 

You can see more and get involved using the hashtag 52loavesproject on Instagram.