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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

A little update

So.... my new website is now up and running and I'm very pleased about that.  :)

It features the various avenues of work I do... photography, design & craft.

For the time being I will be using my big cartel shop, which has just a few things for sale in it. You can find all my items in my handmade gallery and simply order by sending me an email with the details.

Managing an online shop is not only expensive, but very time consuming and when it's only little me and a scattering of orders, it doesn't seem worth it (for now anyway!). The gallery shows you a selection of my handmade items and still there is the option for custom made orders and wholesale too.

Now here are my beautiful girls during a lovely afternoon spent together on a beautiful autumn day. Jemimah is wearing a little jacket I knitted up in the summer, the wool is the softest alpaca that my mother-in-law bought me back from America. It's gorgeous. Anouk is wearing a knitted cowl in a beautiful grey, cocoon wool (until she took it off!).

Hope you're having a lovely half term... x

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