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Monday, 12 January 2015

xmas 2014

This christmassy post was a little delayed getting out there... here it is finally!

So I didn't pick up my camera much over the holidays... if you follow me over on instagram you'll see much of what I captured was through my phone. But just before the decor came down I quickly photographed a few of my favourite little corners. They are on their last legs, but nice to have them catalogued anyhow!

This years advent calendar hung on a branch painted white. 

This looked far better in the dark with all the candles lit.

Indoor christmas wreath made up of dried flowers, dried oranges, mistletoe, ivy & twigs.

Since these pictures were taken I've had a big clean through and another rearrange - which always makes me feel better. And despite a slow start to the new year (nursing my 2 poorly girls!) I think I'm finally ready for 2015.


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